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You can get Advice on Autism or AD/ HD or Coaching around Life Transitions, Wellness, and Creativity
$120 a month for as many months as you would like. 

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Book:  Promising Connections and Creative Discoveries, by Tracy May
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Promising Connections, LLC 
Life Coaching and Consulting for Individuals, Families, and Work Groups
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Promising Connections, LLC Life Coaching and Consulting

Tracy May, M. Ed, Certified Life Coach

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I am so pleased that you stopped by and visited my website.  I am looking forward to serving clients with some newly created tools to help empower Unique Learners, Caregivers, Individuals in Transition, Couples, Families, and Work Groups.

Those who have been following my work know that I am specialized in helping families impacted by Autism and ADHD.  I continue to love working with families and providing coaching and consulting services around Unique Learning Styles.

I have been lucky to have expanded my work into helping others who are just stuck or trying to figure out how to navigate a transition. Transition can be messy, but it can be an exciting adventure with the right tools.  One of my programs might be just what you need to launch into the new better you.  Here are some of my offerings:

For Wellness: Don't Miss the Bliss will take you on a journey through the happiness, resilience, longevity and flow research.
(8 Sessions)$800 includes a workbook.
For Clarity: Promising Connections and Creative Discoveries
(10 Sessions) $1000 includes the book.
For Creating Goals with a Partner or as an Individual: The New Experiment Discovery Session
(1, 3-hour Session) $300
Customized Coaching Discovery Session
(1, 2-hour Session)  $240
(20 minute consult) $60, which will be applied to a program if you make a purchase.

Please fill out the form above and let me know how I can help you go in the direction of your dreams.  Life is an amazing, fun, beautiful adventure.  Hope we get to talk soon!

Take Care,
Tracy May

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Promising Connections is prepared to help a broad range of unique learners including the Gifted and Talented, and has specialized training and experience to work effectively with those with Autism Spectrum Conditions and ADHD.  Tracy's life experiences make her a good coach to women and fellow entrepreneurs and educators.  In addition, she has helped parents of children with special needs create a life that fits their values, goals, and dreams.

Find out more About Us, then look at our Services to make help in making your possibilities a reality.